It's About the Veterans

Cast your line to help a veteran in need

It’s all about the Veterans. We fish for the wish. Team Soldier’s Wish would like to invite you to Fish For The Wish. The Fish for the Wish Big Bass Challenge was founded to promote and raise money for the Soldier’s Wish organization. Soldier’s Wish grants wishes to veterans of every branch of our American Military. Everyone is thanking our veterans these days but Soldier’s Wish is putting money where their mouth is by giving back. A veteran may need a car or a roof fixed on a house or may need to provide for his or her family. Soldier’s Wish reaches out to those veterans who have so selflessly given to our country. Now you can help by simply casting your line for that big ole bass. The Big Bass Challenge gives all anglers a chance to win big. You’re not only fishing for the wish, you’re fishing for a big payday! Check the schedule and see which tournament or tournaments you will be attending. Big Walter Bass is just waiting out there. Come and join us at the Fish for the Wish Big Bass Challenge benefiting Soldier’s Wish. Help us to give back to our veterans!


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Beaver Lake

Big Bass Event


6:30 - 2:00pm

Grand Lake

Big Bass Event

2020 TBA

6:00am- 2:00pm

Skiatook Lake

Big Bass Event

TBA 2020

Toledo Bend Lake

Big Bass Event


6:30 - 2:00pm

Clear Lake

Limit 5 Team Event

November 8, 2020

Safe Light - 3:00pm

Tournament Portfolio

Past Tournament Winners

2019 Clear Lake

Clear Lake 2019 - Mike Krnaich & Tammy Conn

2019 Skiatook Lake

Skiatook Lake 2019 - John King

2018 Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake 2018 - Michael Freeman

2018 Skiatook Lake

Skiatook Lake 2018 - Chase Basore

2017 Beaver Lake

Beaver Lake 2017 - John Mahaffey

2016 Clear Lake - Gary Collins & John Pearl

Clear Lake 2016 Limit 5 - Gary Collins & John Pearl

2016 Lake Eufaula - Danny Jimmerson

Lake Eufaula 2016 - Danny Jimmerson

2016 Lake Hamilton - Danny Gwinn

Lake Hamilton 2016 - Danny Gwinn

2016 Skiatook Kyle Pride

Skiatook Lake 2016 - Kyle Pride

2016 Grand Lake - James Wayne

Grand Lake 2016 - James Wayne

2016 Beaver Lake - Barry Dunlap

Beaver Lake 2016 - Barry Dunlap

2016 Lake Chickamauga

Lake Chickamauga 2016 - Bill Shipley

2016 Toledo Bend - Rich Remedies

Toledo Bend 2016 - Rich Remedies

2015 Skiatook Lake - Billy Freeny

Skiatook Lake 2015 - Billy Freeny